Staging A Home

Selling a home can be stressful. Having the right guide is so very important. Georgia Elite REALTORS® are knowledgeable and can coach you through likely one of the most significant financial transaction in your lifetime. Our agents have the experience and knowledge to know what is needed to increase the chances you will experience a smooth transaction with hopefully more money in your pocket at the closing table.

Getting your home ready to put on the market

REALTORS® know the market, and they know what it takes to prepare your home to shine in a very competitive market.

Our Agents can guide you through and suggest to prepare you to obtain the best possible price for your property. It is in your best interest to listen to REALTORS® suggestions because it is their business to know how to achieve the best possible price for your home. Your house may need staging, those repairs you have put off for a while could cost you money if not addressed. The color you loved may be a deal killer for the public at large. Your lawn may look ok to you, however, curb appeal can make or break the sale of your home. Your REALTOR® can guide you through the process and help you obtain the right people to complete the jobs necessary to prepare your home for marketing.

Ask yourself am I prepared to do the following or do I need a REALTOR® to guide me? I’ve decided to sell my home. Now what?

There are two schools of thought. You can prepare your home by committing to complete the suggestions we have provided below and have your home in tip-top condition for marketing and potentially obtain top dollar, or you can do nothing and price your house accordingly.

Things to Remember:

  • Clutter eats equity
  • A can of paint is worth its weight in gold
  • A dirty house can cost you money
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Neat, clean and neutral

Buyers want to look at you home and think they can move right in. For that opportunity, they are willing to pay. If they look at your home, and all they see is deferred maintenance and issues, and a list of repairs that would have to be completed before they can move in then that will cost you!

Start with renting storage space or have a pod brought right to your driveway. A pod is like packing as you go.

Clean your house from top to bottom. Wash the interior and exterior windows, clean the baseboards, blinds or window treatments, wash everything and clean and organize. De-personalize & De-Clutter your house. Buyers can’t see past personal items so put them away. It’s imperative your buyers can see themselves in your home. You do not want them distracted by your personal belongings.

Here is a simple rule. If you haven’t used it in over a year, you are probably not going to. If you don’t need it, be a blessing to someone else and donate it or trash it!

  • Pack up and de-personalize all your walls.
  • Put away your photographs from table and walls.
  • Put away your family heirlooms.
  • Patch all holes in the walls.
  • Remove all books from bookcases. Pack the books you’re moving.
  • Pack up all those decorations that may mean so much to you but are clutter to future buyers.
  • Clean out the closets and store non-essential items.
  • Organize and de-clutter your closets. Shirts, blouses, dresses, etc. Organize by color and Hang everything facing the same way, buttoned and neatly on the hangers.
  • Put essentials in a small box that can be hidden or stored in a closet when you’re not using them or your home is being shown.

First Impressions are everything. The entrance to your home has to be warm and inviting.

  • Paint or replace the front door and buy new hardware.
  • Purchase a new welcome mate.
  • Paint or replace the mailbox.
  • Paint your house number on the curb or buy a plaque displaying your house number and install near the entry.
  • Wash or replace a front porch light fixture.

Organize and de-clutter kitchen counters and cabinets. Look at this as the more organized, the more money you potential get for your house.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Look at your countertops are they in good conditions? If not, re-do, replace or get creative.

  • Add new dish towels, pot holders, and rugs. Details make the difference.
  • Make sure your cabinets are in good shape. If not, try stripping and re-staining or painting. Look at the hardware does it need replacing? If it needs replacing, new hardware can be very refreshing. Hardware can make a total transformation in your kitchen.
  • Replace a worn kitchen faucet.
  • Lighting is everything. If you do not have proper lighting in your kitchen, consider installing pendant lights over the sink.
  • Organize your spice cabinet.
  • Neatly stack and organize your dishesMake sure your dishes are stacked correctly, and coffee cup handles are facing the same way.
  • Organize and de-clutter your pots and pans
  • De-clutter and remove personal items from your kitchen walls.
  • All closets and cabinets must be orderly.
  • How are the appliances? Are they new? Do they need to be replaced? Do they match?
  • If your kitchen is eat in, is the table the proper size? To large makes the area feel small. Remove the miss-sized table and rent one that fits.

Paint the Interior. Fresh paint does wonders to refresh your home and is relatively inexpensive.

  • Choose soft neutral colors in a light brown tone (never white), and paint every room the same color. Use tasteful and inviting neutral colors.
  • Painting goes faster if you paint the ceilings the same color. However, if you want your home to pop and pop means potential money. Paint the ceilings a lighter color than the walls. Lighter colors make the ceiling appear higher.

Freshen Bathrooms. If you have wallpaper in the bathroom, remove it.

  • Consider replacing the toilet and vanity, especially if they are stained or particularly outdated.
  • Purchase a two-light wall fixture or a light bar for over the sink
  • If the tub is stained, hire a professional to refinish it or if feasible replace it.
  • Replace water-stained shower doors or clean them with a lime dissolving detergent.
  • Purchase a new shower curtain and add decorator touch. Decorated tie back or if on a budget ribbon.
  • Hang fresh towels and lay down a new bath rug.
  • Place scented candles near a basket of tightly rolled washcloths to create a spa-like environment.
  • Remove all personal items and store them under the sink. All counters should be free of debris.

Your lawn and outside curb appeal of the house is your first impression. No curb appeal – peeling paint, dead or dying flowers, crumbling walkways or porch steps. You just potentially lost a lot of money.

  • Plants and flowers brighten an entry
  • Front door and trim work are new or freshly painted.
  • The backyard is clean, and it’s clear how to use the space.
  • Unattractive style and appearance are a problem.
  • Bright, exterior paint colors, such as purple, bright yellow trims, and bright red front door, could be a problem.
  • All outside shrubs, bushes, and flowers must be alive and well kept. Make sure driveways, stairs, and walkways are in good condition.

There are specific issues that can potentially cost you money. The look and feel of deferred maintenance will cost you. Below are a few other problems that can cost you.

  • Floors and carpets must be in good condition.
  • Bright, bold colors on all walls can be an issue.
  • A very distinct style that is beautiful but may not appeal to the majority of buyers can be a point of concern.
  • Rooms that are dark, always open your curtains.
  • Not enough light fixtures.
  • Rooms being used for unintended purposes or multi-purpose. Repurpose them back to their original intention before placing your house on the market.
  • Do not leave a lot of religious, political, or controversial items out.
  • Do not leave children’s toys all over your home.
  • Outdated light fixtures, furniture, and curtains.

Interior appeal. It’s all in the detail, repair, replace or fix everything.

  • Make sure traffic flows smoothly through each room and the entire home.
  • Do not block focal points and attractive features of the home. Fireplaces, French Doors, beautiful windows, etc.
  • Make your buyers feel welcome and comfortable and like they want to linger in the home.
  • Make your purchasers feel that all they need to do is move in.

Pets. Not everyone loves them.

  • Confine your pets – don’t let them follow your prospective buyers around and jump on them.
  • The smell of multiple pets. Odors are an issue.
  • Make sure all pet areas are clean and organized.
  • Wash pet bedding and deodorize.
  • Keep your pets clean and groomed while your home is on the market.

Your home must be clean, welcoming, neat, orderly, and inviting. Organized, de-cluttered, fresh and maintained means you will potentially obtain the best price possible for your home.

Setting the Price

Setting the price to market your home is one of the two most crucial aspects of listing your home. Many homeowners tend to base their price opinion on what they paid for updates, websites like Zillow, etc. One thing we know is that Zillow has never been inside a single home in Georgia and Zillow's Zestimate is typically within a 20% price range of what homes are selling for in any given market in Metro Atlanta. What does that mean to you? Let’s take a home that is listed at $300,000 typically you can count of the “REAL” market value of that house will be between $260,000 and $340,000. What a big difference, in essence, you could be losing market share from either end by using Zillow. Georgia Elite Agents look at the “big picture.” REALTORS access the current trends and then follow up with an in-depth comparative market analysis. Pricing is everything more time on the market results in a lower bottom line at closing.

Marketing and Media

Pricing being the first then Marketing and Media are you second most crucial aspect when listing your home. In today's market, people are highly visual and have very short attention spans. It’s essential your REALTORS marketing is capable of capturing the public’s attention quickly. Professional photos are one of the most effective ways to make your home come to life. Other fast-rising marketing tools are 3D tours and drone footage. Our agents have some of the best tools in the market and are dedicated to helping market your property to the fullest.

Georgia Elite Realty belongs to two multiple listing services. FMLS and GA MLS. Once our agent has earned your trust and you have decided to list, we push the property listing out to over 1000+ public/consumer sites for searching properties. These sites include Zillow, Trulia, and Our agents are trained in social media marketing and are well positioned to run ads that generate great buyer leads for our homes. We make our homes stand out, and our exceptional customer service and attention to making the details of our real estate transactions a warm, smooth and seamless experience are what make our associate some of the best in the business.


Not only does our Broker, Deborah Nagel, CRB have one of the top designations in the industry our agents are well trained and experienced in negotiation tactics, contracts, and managing all aspects of your real estate transaction. A knowledgeable and experienced Broker backs our Associate, and our goal as a team is to be an asset not a liability to our clients. We put our experience and knowledge to work for our clients and make their dreams come true. We have connection throughout the real estate industry and can help you to relocate anywhere in the USA or just across town, and give you the peace of mind of knowing a well-qualified individual is guiding you.